Sorry for the Old News, but as it happens my computer decided to take a vacation even if I couldn't.  I am so grateful to my friend, Eric Schmoyer, for getting me back on line and back to work.

We have been to 2 more shows, one at Open Gate and one at Shartlesville.  Our horses and riders continue to do well.  Will Thayer and Cougar have been winning in the $35K, $2K and the youth. John has placed on Pedual, Peppy and Bond in the $5K Novice and the $25K.  Joanne Thayer has started to show Pedual to the Medual and had 2 impressive runs at her first show. 

We have fresh cattle arriving this weekend for practice. Timing is great since the next pcha show is scheduled for june 10 & 11 at mt. Springs.  Hope to see you there.

Don't forget, Jann is available for custom saddle fitting with Cutter Classic Saddle Pads.  Book an appointment now and have your horse feeling and performing their best.  Bio Pulse and Cold Laser Therapy is also available here at the farm or call to set up a farm call at your barn.

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